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Policy and Process 

StrategyLime specializes in helping businesses align their policies with their vision and regulations. We understand the importance of effective policies and work closely with business units to tailor them to their specific needs, while also ensuring compliance with regulations and meeting their goals.

Our team has extensive experience in creating policies that are not only effective but also efficient. By translating business goals into effective policy and process, we help companies ensure that their teams are aware of the expectations set out by the organization, as well as any applicable laws or regulations. This results in greater efficiency in operations and better alignment with the overall company vision.

StrategyLime is always up-to-date with new regulatory or business requirements and provides a breakdown to businesses on how they apply to their day-to-day activities. We conduct a gap analysis to identify the difference between the new requirements and current working processes. We then work with our clients to translate these requirements into effective policies that fit with their risk appetite and wider business strategy. Additionally, we can complete a risk assessment and provide a practical steps plan to embed the new policy within working processes.

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