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Why Choose StrategyLime


Because we have been there and done it:  With our 15 years of experience in working with various entities to structure effectively, understand and utilise technology decisions, and provide staff training, we bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge to the table. By choosing us, you can benefit from this experience.


Because we’ll help make you more money and help things run smoother: Our successful track record in developing technology and businesses and taking them to market has given us an in-depth understanding of your journey. By leveraging our expertise, we can assist in streamlining your operations and generating more revenue for your business.


Because we know the market place and its unique challenges: Our knowledge of the market place and its unique challenges enables us to offer a broad range of connections across the banking, payments, and technology landscape. We can introduce you to these connections, giving you a wider network of resources to draw upon.


Because we understand regulated markets: Thanks to our experience with regulated markets, we have advised businesses on the most appropriate license requirements based on their goals. Our expertise allows us to simplify the process and alleviate the burden for our clients.


Because we focus on results: Our main focus is on achieving results that add value for you and your business. We prioritise ensuring that our services work to your advantage.

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